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HRDA Approved

Why train in mindfulness?

Work is one of the main causes of stress. Deal with your stress strategically so you can be more relaxed throughout your day so you can work in calm, be productive and also feel peaceful after work.

In today’s technology-based work environment, self-regulation of attention and the quality of concentration are under constant siege. At the same time, constant stimuli of our attention lead to high levels of stress, increasing the chances of mental and physical health issues. New evidence from scientific research confirms that incorporating mindfulness has a positive impact on employee performance, psychology and physiology, improving work-life balance, job satisfaction and feelings of well-being.

The purpose of the training is for the participants to get to know the concept, skills and benefits of mindfulness and to familiarise themselves practically and experientially with basic techniques for its development.

In the course of the seminar, the participants will understand the factors that negatively affect the performance and quality of work and our lives as well as the causes that trigger stress.

Then, they will get to know the concept, the individual skills and the benefits of mindfulness in the mental process and mental health.

Guided practices are an excellent opportunity to become familiar with simple, yet effective, practices for developing mindfulness. With guidance and feedback, participants will learn how to strengthen, through practice, the mental “muscle” of attention and concentration and restore inner calm as well as physical relaxation, learning to return to direct experience in the present consciously.

Designed for:

Employees of all ranks

1-Day training to:

  • Learn to use mindfulness techniques while at work
  • Learn to be more effective at work
  • Make less mistakes
  • Strengthen attention & concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve cognitive performance & flexibility
  • Improve mental health & well-being

Key Learning Outcomes = Benefits for Organization

  • Improved employee relations
  • Reduction in stress means the employee can be more creative and innovative at work
  • The organisation retains its employees more easily
  • Employees with improved workflow & concentration
  • Improved corporate image as a company that offers stress management for its employees


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