HRDA Vitals
HRDA Vitals

Programme Overview

Most professional service organizations do not have a performance management system in place that measures firm productivity across the production, delivery and promotion of services, and identify corrective actions that are required. As a result, professional service firms cannot identify and improve consistently limiting factors such as unproductive processes, communication break-downs, unmotivated and ill-prepared staff.

In order to improve productivity firms must develop an innovative approach to performance management, which helps companies operationalize their strategic priorities. This is not easy and hence innovation is required to deal with organizational constraints:

  • Find effective ways to cascade the firmâ??s strategic priorities
  • Focus staff on managing efficiently the customer contact points
  • Make management more productive by providing information and structure around the key operating areas; production, delivery and promotion.
  • Procure data to a single database from where to calculate indicators and produce reports
  • Given the complexity of these tasks and lack of experience to deal with such issues, training and guidance is needed. This is a very innovative approach to managing productivity as it aligns the whole organization around key productivity goals.

Designed for:

Participants should be managers from all functions, as all managers are concerned with productivity improvements. All managers will contribute in identifying the firm productivity priorities and devising departmental KPIs.

2 Days training to:

  • how to set productivity goals
  • how to develop a performance management system that operationalizes productivity goals across production, delivery and promotion

Key Learning Outcomes = Benefits for Organization

  • Develop a system and overcome the challenges
  • Recognise priorities on the strategy map and align processes across production, delivery and promotion
  • Identify & measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a simple system, enhance productivity & maximise profit
  • Identify critical success factors and nurture them to add value
  • Interlink processes and simplify them
  • Automate data capturing & presentation to enhance productivity and reduce time wasted in analysis
  • Improve productivity through a performance management system
  • Focus staff on company priorities and reduce procrastination
  • Build the right company culture – around innovation, initiative, brand ideals & continuous improvement
  • Link with the appraisal system & budgeting process
  • Think out of the box and tackle problematic staff behaviours and resource constraints


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