CIIM, in an effort to keep your mind and spirit active, has designed the Monday’s Free Webinars series.

CIIM’s Executive Education Centre is one of the top of its kind, and famous for the quality of their executive trainings, the trainers and of the participant’s high caliber. It also delivers in-house and customized trainings.

The free CIIM Webinars will be live every Monday between 6-7pm, and we provide you with the opportunity to choose among various topics and to upgrade your knowledge.

Each CIIM webinar will be 1-hour duration, which will consist of a 45-minute speech with presentation followed by a 15-minute Questions & Answers session where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic.

We give you the opportunity to discover new paths of knowledge and to participate with zero cost in these prestigious webinars of CIIM’s Executive Education Centre.