The 45-minute webinar plus 15-minute Q&A session shares with you some innovative marketing ideas in order to better manage your customer relationships. The tips that will be shared may help you as an individual business person and/or the business as a whole to maintain and improve the relationships you already have with existing customers and build healthy relationships with new customers. The session will touch upon techniques that will be useful in the new era that we are entering in.

Why you should attend

  • To gain insights on customer relationship management
  • To learn new techniques in maintaining and improving customer relationships

Who should attend

  • Business individuals who are directly or indirectly involved with customers and the customer management process.

This webinar includes

  • Introduction to customer relationship management
  • Overview of the potential effects of current events on customer relationships
  • Presentation of new ideas on managing customer relationships

13 April 2020

6pm – 7pm