HRDA Vitals
HRDA Vitals

[Addressed only for companies which employ up to 49 employees]

Programme Overview

In this fiercely competitive arena micro and small sized enterprises, cannot remain content in their niches, as their sustainable business success is under attack. The owner-managers of small companies must embark on the journey to transform their firms into entrepreneurial growth-stars.

This practical training will offer a strategic planning toolkit to help entrepreneurially inspired owner-managers – directors to craft an expansionary development plan, building on the growth horizons: boosting their competitiveness in core business activities, exploring new business model and innovation practices and building strategic alliances in the market.

As part of the learning experience, an additional 4-hour consultation will be scheduled for each participating company, allowing customized practice and guidance on the implementation of the strategic development plans.
The programme is recognized by the HRDA – Human Resource Development Authority in Cyprus as Vital Importance, therefore the participation fee is fully subsidized, allowing up to three participants per business entity to attend without cost.

Designed for

Founders, Owners, Managers and Directors of small enterprises (less than 49 employees)

Benefits for your organization

  • Embark on new phases of growth: to boost your competitiveness by extending and defending core activities; to build and strengthen emerging business; and to create viable future options for their next stage of development as an emerging small giant – group of business ventures
  • Track profitably innovation based growth strategies
  • Formulate and pursue a strategic business development plan – growth road map

Programme Focus

  • The Strategic Planning – Growth Mapping
  • Stages of growth – Mastering growth transitions
  • Growing the Business
  • Ready, Willing and Able to Grow
  • The Strategic Growth Planning in Action
  • Defining the Key Steps in the Strategic Planning Process
  • The Innovation Business Model
  • The Strategic Business Growth Planning

Key Outcomes

  • Master the strategic planning process
  • Learn how to draw lessons from diagnostic – assessment tools
  • Prepare for challenges across the growth cycle
  • Discover your organizations’ strategic growth capabilities
  • Promote permanent innovation culture
  • Understand how to evaluate growth options (compatible with your managerial profile)

Note: This programme includes 14 hours in classroom training and a half-day private company consultation.


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