Every year the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) approves and subsidies training programmes which are considered of high priority for the organisations. These training programmes are offered free of charge for the corporations who satisfy certain criteria set by the HRDA.

CIIM offers various HRDA subsidized courses, and we will be continuing to introduce more. Please see our available Vital training courses below and apply today!

HRDA Subsidy

Innovative Performance Management System for Professional Services

In order to improve productivity firms must develop an innovative approach to performance management, which helps companies operationalize their strategic priorities. This is not easy and hence innovation is required to deal with organizational constraints

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Innovation in the Customer Servicing Chain for Profitable Growth

Learn how to recognize the critical success factors in delivering the customer’s assurance and learn how to incorporate those in the customer service and measure the degree of delivery, and understand how to identify, analyze and prioritize customer segments